The Garden
The garden has changed considerably since we moved in.  We wanted a large garden to develop but had limited gardening knowledge and no master plan!  We visited lots of other gardens, both private and public, and attended many of the RHS and other garden shows gaining lots of ideas and knowledge on the way.  We dedcided to tackle the garden in stages as funds and time allowed, and have completed different projects each year.  The seating around the garden is placed to make the most of the stunning location and views.

Please click on the links to see more of the different parts of the garden.  We have tried to show some of the main features and an idea of how the garden looked when we started.

We have included  a plant list with some of the more recent additions to the garden on some of the pages.  The pictures on this page highlight some of the more recent changes and additions.
Pictures taken on 19th March 2011
March 2013
The new border finally finished - Mar 2013
Autumn leaves - the bane of our life!
South Lodge
A two acre, private garden in the Forest of Dean that opens for the National Garden Scheme.