2018 Open Days
8th April Sunday NGS Opening 1pm - 5pm
5th May Saturday NGS Opening 1pm - 5pm
20th May Sunday   NGS Opening 1pm - 5pm
10th June Sunday Rosy Hardy talk on Perennials NGS Opening 1pm - 5pm
30th June Saturday   NGS Opening 1pm - 5pm
Next opening for NGS in Sunday 8th April 2018
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Some comments from our visitors book:

"A pocket of beauty, artistry and imagination. Wow!"

"As a garden designer, a beautifully designed garden that flows really well"

"Wonderful garden, diversity around every corner and in every nook and cranny. Just Grand"

"My kind of garden!  How lovely to see such personal planting, not from a book"

"Lovely garden, lovely setting.  Peace, perfect peace"

"The perfect day to be in this beautiful, peaceful garden.  Yummy cake too!"

"One of the very best gardens we have ever visited.  Lovely imaginative choice of flowers, shrubs and trees. Perfect!  ******* Garden Club"